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Year of Publication : 2015 – 2019
Title : Study on Business Opportunity of COCOA & COFFEE Industry in Indonesia, 2015 – 2019
Author : PT. CDMI
Language : English
Price : US$ 700
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Study on Business Opportunity of Cocoa & Coffee Industry in Indonesia – Indonesia is known as the third largest cocoa producing country in the world after Ivory Coast and Ghana. In Asia scope, Indonesia is in the first position as a cocoa producer with production of approximately 450,000 tons of cocoa per annum, followed by Papua New Guinea with production of less than 50,000 tons per annum. Based on a research of CDMI that the opportunity of Indonesia to arrogate the markets in Asia and in the world is widely opened, since several cocoa producing countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines have lower production capacity than Indonesia’s. Also, cocoa area width of Indonesia has kept on increasing and presently it reaches 1.4 million hectares. The width of Indonesian cocoa areas will rise in the future.