Study on Business Potential and Major Players of Sugar Industry in Indonesia, 2017

M. Amin : Study on Business Potential and Major Players of SUGAR Industry in Indonesia

MuslimIf sugar industry in the country is not managed well soon, Indonesia will be the largest raw sugar importing country in the world after China and Russia. In the last six years (2011 – 2016) sugar import has kept on increasing. If in 2011 sugar import was only 1.19 million tons valued US$ 670.6 million, in 2015 the import had reached 3.30 million tons valued US$ 1.22 billion. It is predicted that in 2016 the import reaches 3.6 million tons valued US$ 1.35 billion. High import is caused by rapid growth of food and beverage industries in the country.
Three countries such as Thailand, Brazil and Australia have enjoyed high sugar import of Indonesia. Based on the research of PT. CDMI Consulting that the largest sugar import from Thailand is The Thai Sugar Trading Corporation Ltd; import from Australia is from Queensland Sugar Limited; and import from Brazil is from Raizen Energia S/A. Meanwhile, the largest companies which perform import include PT. Sugar Labinta disusul PT. Sentra Usahatama Jaya, PT. Angels Products, PT. Cheil Jedang Indonesia, PT. Berkah Manis Makmur, PT. Permata Dunia Sukses Makmur, PT. Jawamanis Rafinasi and PT. Duta Sugar International. Detailed information of 15 largest sugar importers together with their value is clearly described in this study book.

Viewing great potential of sugar business in Indonesia, PT. CDMI Consulting is attracted to perform a deeper research and finally succeeded in publishing a study book with a title of “Study on Business Potential and Major Players of SUGAR Industry in Indonesia, 2017 – 2020”. This book is only available at PT. CDMI Consulting and it can directly be ordered in our marketing division with Mrs. Tina by phones: (6221) 3193-0108, 3193-0109, 3193-0070, Mobile: 0818-100-841, 0878-7826-0925 or Fax: (6221) 3193-0102 or e-mail: at a price of Rp. 8,500,000.- for Indonesian Edition and Rp. 8,900,000.- for English Edition and US$ 700 for foreign price.
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