Study On Business Potential And Major Player Of Forestry Industry In 2017

M. Amin : Study On Business Potential And Major Player Of Forestry Industry

Muslim Amin

Indonesia is one of countries which owns the richest biology and widest forestry in the world. Based on information of Ministry of Environment and Forestry that total forestry areas reache 120.7 million hectares. However, this condition has changed due to forestry destruction and caused forestry area width in Indonesia to shrink every year.

Forestry destruction in Indonesia is apprehensive enough. Based on information that at least 1.1 million hectares or 2% of Indonesian forestry areas decrease every year. From some 42 million hectares from 120.7 million hectares of Indonesian forestry have entirely been cut down.

Some 29.2 million hectares or 24.2% of total forestry areas in Indonesia are production forests. Limited production forests are 26.7 million hectares (22.2%) and converted production forests are 12.9 million hectares (10.7%). Whereas, non-production forests or protected forests are 29.6 million hectares (24.6%) and conservation forests are 22.1 million hectares (18.3%).

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