Performance of 35 TOP COAL COMPANY GROUPS in Indonesia – Amid weakening Indonesian economy and world economy in the last three years (2016 – 2018), the coal production in the country had kept on increasing. In 2016, Indonesian coal production amounted to 434 million tons increased to 485 million tons in 2018 and predicted to reach 490 million tons in 2019. A large extent of Indonesian coal is exported to various countries with fluctuating export value. In 2017, Indonesian coal export was 298 million tons valued US$ 22.08 billion went up to 395 million tons but its value decreased sharply to US$ 19.01 billion as a result of declining coal price.

The increasing Indonesian coal production was due to high performance of coal companies in the country which kept on performing expansion to raise their production capacity by issuing great investment. The investigation output of CDMI towards 35 top Indonesian coal company groups that in 2017 most of coal company groups had succeeded in obtaining fantastic income and profit.

Year of Publication : 2019

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