Plywood Industry in Indonesia


Year of Publication : 2015-2019
Title : Study on Business Potential and Major Players of PLYWOOD Industry in Indonesia, 2015 – 2019
Author : PT. CDMI
Language : English
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Study on Business Potential and Major Players of Plywood Industry in Indonesia – Indonesia used to be the king of world wooden industry in 1980 – 1995. At that time, the foreign exchange income from this industry reached US$ 6 billion – US$ 7 billion per annum and gave great economic contribution to state income. Wood based industry had also created business opportunity and absorbed a great number of man power. Wooden products from Indonesia such as plywood, processed woods, pulp and paper and furniture industries led the world markets. However, the economic crisis in 1998 had changed everything and made this industry to be at the lowest point so there were lots of wood based industries collapsed and their ownership was changed. This industry shall awake since there is still a great opportunity to be developed.