Five Star Hotel in Bali


Year of Publication : 2011-2015
Title : Feasibility Study on Development of Investment Five Star Hotel in Bali, 2011-2015
Author : PT. CDMI
Language : English
Price : US$ 700 / IDR 9,450,000.-
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The development of tourism sector in Bali in the last five years has increased significantly. It is indicated from the rising number total foreign tourists visiting Bali. In 2006, total foreign tourirts visit reached 1.3 milion people soared to 2.5 million poeple in 2010. In line with the rising flow of tourist visit to Bali, the number of star hotels in Bali has also multiplied. Up to end of 2010, the number of star hotels in Bali was 150 units consisting of 37 units of five star hotels, 28 units of four star hotels, 39 units of three star hotels, 35 units of two star hotels and 11 units of one star hotels.