CPO Industry in Indonesia


Year of Publication : 2018-2022
Title : Study on Business Potential and Major Players of CPO Industry in Indonesia, 2018 – 2022
Author : PT. CDMI
Language : English
Price : IDR 9.500.000,- (Inggris) / US$ 750 Oversea Price
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Study Of CPO Industry in Indonesia – Oil palm industry is feasible to be decided as a strategic commodity since it has given great contribution towards the state income, to provide job opportunities to 4 million heads of family or more than 16 million people. Therefore, Indonesian government should have provided its support for this business advancement and protection from the attack of other parties. As the world largest producer of Crude Palm Oil with production of 32 million tons and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) of 3 million tons, Indonesia has a vast role to supply world’s foods and energy.

Based on a research of CDMI that in the last six years (2012 – 2017) the export of CPO and PKO kept on increasing with fluctuating prices. In 2012, the export of CPO and PKO reached 20.30 million tons valued US$ 19.11 billion while the export of CPO and PKO in 2017 amounted to 27 million tons valued US$ 18.68 billion. The export demand for CPO derivative products such as Biodiesel and Oleochemical kept on rising. Particularly for oleochemical, some 80% of its products were exported to various countries with continuously raising volume. The highest oleochemical export was in 2014 reaching 3.64 million tons valued US$ 3.1 billion or it increased if compared with that in 2012 reaching 2.26 million tons valued US$ 2.23 billion.