Cement Industry in Indonesia


Year of Publication : 2013 – 2017
Title : Study on Potential and Business Opportunity of CEMENT Industry in Indonesia, 2013– 2017
Author : PT. CDMI
Language : English
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Study on Potential and Business Opportunity of Cement Industry in Indonesia – In the last five years (2008 – 2012) cement industry in the country had increased with average growth of cement contrumption of 9% per annum. The spectacular growth occurred in 2011 reaching 17.71% and at the same time the national cement consumption reached 48.00 million tons if comared with the in previous year of 40.78 million tons. Although in 2012 the growth of cement comsumption declined slightly by 7% or 51.84 million tons, the national cement consumption in 2013 is predicted to reach 60 million tons. the supporter of such growth of them is the realization of government program through Master Plan for Accelerating and Expanding Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI).